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45 Tumblog WordPress Theme That Will Give You Tumblr-Style WordPress Blog

Tumblr-style WordPress themes or better known as Tumblog WordPress theme are now getting a lot of attentions as it allows you to deliver short messages and various types of media with in in Tumblr-like posting through your WordPres blog.

Now with a feature in WordPress 3.1 – “Post Formats”, it allows developers to create tumblr style WordPress themes to allow for a better way in microblogging experience.

They are a huge time saver, making it much easier to do photo-based posts, smoothly embed audio and video. Tumblr-style WordPress themes are for those, who are looking to create a fun and lively blog without spending too much time.

In this article, I will showcase some of the best Tumblr-style WordPress themes available to this date. You will love it!

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Waves is a WordPress tumblog theme with a unique alternating post list layout and infinite color options. It comes with Infinite Color Options which allows you to choose your favorite color background to suit the style of your brand with the simple selector in OCMX.

And if you are not happy with the typography used as standard – do not worry as Waves is packaged with Obox Design’s typography manager!

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Slanted is a tumblog WordPress theme with an extremely unique – and should I say “slanted” – design. Using some progressive CSS3 attributes and jQuery wizardry, this tumblog WordPress theme is perfect for the more experimental tumbloggers.

This WordPress theme includes some jQuery wizardry all round and it makes scrolling & navigating so much fun. Also supported is specific hotkeys which allows you to navigate & scroll using your keyboard!

Posting a variety of multimedia elements (images, video, audio, quotes, notes & links) is super-easy to do and the theme handles all of the different “post types” automagically.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Nimble, tumblog WordPress Theme is clean and minimal tumblr style personal blog premium WordPress theme packed in WPBundle.

The theme is best for personal journal to share various media types in pretty way. The theme includes features like custom coded audio player, video embedding, custom post types, support offered via popular WooThemes, quickpress to post from dashboard, stylish image gallery, theme documentation guide for installation, theme admin option panel and more.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Socialike is a WordPress Tumblog with lots of features. First of all these cool features is Social media pages (Twitter, Dribbble, Flickr, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Lastfm, Tumblr). These pages draw data from your social media accounts to your website.

So you will have the chance to showcase all your social activities directly from your website! Cool isnt’t it?

Secondly, you will have a Tumblr-style WordPress blog with cool icons per each post style (music, article, photo, photo gallery, quote, link, video).

You also have the chance to manage your posts directly from your iPhone withExpress app.

Thirdly, there are two different gallery template options to display your latest works: Thumbnails with masonry/lightbox and full-width with carousel.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


The Standard Theme is a meticulously crafted and coded personal and professional blogging theme built with industry standards in mind.

With consistent syntax structure and strict semantic development techniques, it’s a XHTML/CSS valid, load speed optimized, SEO supercharged, and content-focused blogging WordPress theme.

Standard Theme is lightly customizable without code. You can upload your own logo, move the sidebar to the right or left side of the page, relocate the navigation above or below the header, or designate a background’s color or image.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Designed by Cameron Moll, Briefed is a tumblog WordPress theme for all types of designers & creatives thanks to it’s modular layout and clean, minimal design. The home page is completely customizable with a portfolio powered by custom post types, optional Dribbble feed, and jsMasonry for an adaptive layout.

You can customize also the typography in the tumblog WordPress theme to suit you, and there is full support for Google Fonts in the font selector.

The best part about Briefed is you will have a custom home page layout with about, slider, portfolio, and tumblog modules, all of which can be enabled or disabled in the theme options.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Designed by James McDonald, and boasting tumblog functionality with a quick publishing form on the dashboard, Auld is a tumblog WordPress theme which is perfect for lazy bloggers who want a colorful, vibrant looking site with Tumblr-like ease-of-use.

This tumblog WordPress theme includes 10 alternative color styles which you can preview in the demo, and also has styling options for background color/image and setting link and button color.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


CoPilot is a WordPress theme which takes advantage of the WooThemes Tumblog plugin (Express App). Publish quick posts from WordPress’s dashboard or your iPhone using the Express App. You can also just use the theme as a regular WordPress theme!

Tumblog WordPress Theme

Old Post

Old Post is a new tumblog (as you can see we building a collection fast!) designed by Gavin Elliott. It’s grid based layout along with infinite scroll functionality makes it ideal for casual bloggers and photographers.

Special attention was paid to the actual design of the post layout grid. Subtle touches such as the paper and color scheme give it an “old” feel.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Rapture WordPress and Tumblog theme is a creative and highly customisable theme that allows you to update your blog just like Tumblr. Rapture uses the WooThemes Tumblog Plugin so you can create specific posts such as images, videos, audio, text, links and quotes at the click of a button.

Also upload posts straight from your iPhone with the Express App.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Elefolio is a Tumblog WordPress theme that combines easy Tumblog publishing and a Portfolio to showcase your work and posts. The portfolio uses custom post types and can also stream from your Dribbble account. It will impress any visitor with its simple yet detailed look.

With Elefolio, You can post to your tumblog from your dashboard, using the amazing new AJAX-powered & WooThemes-exclusive QuickPress functionality that is bundled with this theme.

Tumblog WordPress Theme

Tumble Theme

The Tumble Theme is a “Tumblr” style blogging theme for WordPress. The theme takes advantage of WordPress post formats, providing a variety of post styles such as video posts, status updates, quotes, galleries and more.

The Tumble Theme is more than a simple blog theme — it boasts multiple custom page templates as well as a sophisticated featured post slider. The design is clean, minimal and easily customized. It’s the ultimate solution for a WordPress blog!

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Create a Tumblr style blog with full control over your content with Typo. Share your images, videos, audio files and more all within your own WordPress install!

Typo takes advantage of WordPress 3.0 menus, automatically sized featured images and custom theme options. Take a look at the demo site to get a better look!

This WordPress theme, like all WordPress themes from Okay Themes, comes with an extensive help file and installation video to get you started.

Tumblog WordPress Theme

Garuda Di Dadaku

Garuda Di Dadaku is a free Tumblog style WordPress themes brought to you by WPCharity. Actually it is built on the same TwentyTen theme, so it is another child theme. WPCharity tend to use only free graphic resources to build their themes, so you are 100% sure that all the graphic elements within this theme are legally used.

Tumblog WordPress Theme

Light Bright

Light Bright is a premium Tumblog WordPress Theme that shimmers with elegance. It is a unique premium WP theme which makes it easy to share your contents via the ever-popular tumblr-style post types/format.

Using the custom post types/taxonomies added in WordPress 3.0, Light Bright adds a special integration options for photos, video, audio, quotes, notes and links.

With this premium wordpress theme you are basically having the best of both worlds, tumblr posting style with the versatility of a WordPress platform, Light Bright is definitely one of the most exceptionally unique and beautiful wordpress themes out there with a touch of elegance.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


BonPress is the perfect personal blog theme. Packed with Post Formats (audio, video) feature and multiple Custom Widgets, like Twitter, Flickr, will offer you a unique experience from blogging.

The tumblog WordPress theme is designed for personal blog to publish news, images and videos. The theme has features like vertical navigation menus, 4 alternative color schemes, post formats, custom widgets, theme documentation guide, theme admin option panel with WPZoom Framework and more.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Abbreviate is a Premium WordPress tumblog WordPress theme and the first to have been designed by the oh-so-good Josh Hemsley.

The key to this theme is not just it’s unique layout for a WordPress site (it’s pretty unique) but mainly the attention to detail he has put into the design. In all three color schemes Josh has clearly dedicated a lot of time to making sure everything matched perfectly, and the end result is clear to see.

Abbreviate uses the Wootumblog plugin to convert your site into a tumblr’esque theme packed with all the great features that are in an Obox Theme.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


If you need clean, light and simple WordPress Theme, Chocolate is definitely… not your choise! It is a refined and elegant tumblog WordPress theme with complex and precise combination of light gradients and shadows. It is created to serve you as unique showcase of your works with strong blogging component powered by Woo Tumblog (for Tumblr-like posts) and Express App (for simple posting from your iOS-device).

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Writer is the ultimate Tumblr like WordPress personal blog theme developed by ThemeFuse that has all the elements needed for a personal blog website and is designed in a way that allows the website to flow, look unique and stand out from the crowd.

This premium tumblog WordPress theme has infinite style possibilities like unlimited color options to make your website look unique, you will no longer have to make endless modifications to match a companies existing brand, which will get your website online and live much faster.

Sliders are a common element in today’s web designs, so 5 different homepage sliders are also included with this theme, just like a sleek portfolio page template.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Notebook, a tumblog WordPress theme allows you to have a WordPress blog that acts like a conventional WordPress blog and a Tumblr-like website – all the while having the benefit of having complete ownership and control over your site content.

Publish to your WordPress tumblog from your iPhone. Express is an iPhone app built to quickly and effortlessly publish images/links/notes and short posts, on the go, to your WooThemes powered WordPress website.

Tumblog WordPress Theme

My Journey

Not only that it is perfect for a personal blog or portfolio, you can even have fun on the run with My Journey, a tumblog WordPress theme by posting videos, photos, links and more by using Express App, an iPhone app made by WooThemes that can be bought for $4.99 from the apple app store.

More over you can approve comments directly from the iPhone app, so it doesn’t matter if you are in the train or waiting in line at the bank, you always stay connected with your users.

MyJourney wp theme comes with our popular 1 click auto install feature that installs demo content into the theme helping you understand how your new original theme works.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Memo is a super-awesome tumblog style WordPress theme with a clean, minimal design. If you’re looking to get started with microblogging then Memo will be right up your street.

Support for post formats means you can jazz up your blog with your own self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries, asides, links, quotes and of course good old standard posts.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Cinch is a classy & feature-rich tumblog theme built for WordPress. Incorporating awesome advanced QuickPress functionality (exclusive to WooThemes) and an amazing design (with added jQuery awesomeness), Cinch is most definitely the tumblog theme that you want to use!

The theme includes some jQuery wizardry all round and it makes scrolling & navigating so much fun. Also supported is specific hotkeys which allows you to navigate & scroll using your keyboard!

Tumblog WordPress Theme


You take pictures, you write stories and opinions, you make videos, you link to cool sites all the time. Tumblr is perfect for that but there’s one flaw, you don’t get to control everything as easy as you would with WordPress. You’ve got no control over your database or server and you can’t even do anything with its SEO.

Here comes TumblePress. All the stuff you do online will now be perfectly packaged with its pre-enabled Post Format feature. It’s now easier than ever to create a Tumblr-like experience in WordPress. Have videos, links, images, audios, quotes and statuses all in one place. Make your blog as simple as Tumblr but as powerful as WordPress.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


The Salju theme is a minimalist one column theme with three footer widget areas, and a number of tags specific to tumblogging. The tumblog types supported are text, photo, chat, link, quote, audio and video.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Tumblr is an impressive & very popular platform and now you can replicate that functionality & awesomeness on your WordPress-powered site with this theme. Using the WooThemes – WooTumblog plugin you can quickly create content using the dashboard widget and the Express Iphone app. The theme is ideal if your site needs to display different types of multimedia content such as audios, videos, images etc.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Kundera is a golden grid based, creative minimalist WordPress tumblog, perfect for artists, blogging gurus, graphic designers, creative business and professional portfolios. It implements 6 post formats for images, video, audio, quotes, just ordinary standard posting, and finally a image gallery that is built-in and easy to use…

You can also integrate your tweets within the masonry layout. It offers 3 unique layout, 5 carefully crafted skins, 2 different portfolio layouts, and 3 powerful and popular jQuery sliders – Nivo, Orbit, and the exceptionally versatile Cycle plugin which is incorporated within a custom post type that allows for more flexible posting.

Tumblog WordPress Theme

Black Sakura

Black Sakura WP is a clean and trendy-looking WordPress theme which uses WooThemes Tumblog plugin to create a Tumblr-like post types. You can post from WP Dashboard widget or iPhone Express App. It is perfect for a personal blog / magazine but also will do fine as a portfolio or photo gallery.

It is very easy to use, and it takes only a couple of minutes to set it up.


Tumblog WordPress Theme


Tapestry from StudioPress takes everything you make online, and makes perfect, beautiful sense of it. The Tapestry tumblog theme is based on the Genesis Theme FrameWork, and is designed to leverage the benefit of a new WordPress 3.1 feature Post Formats, which makes it able to add various types of posts like audio, video, links, quotes, image galleries etc.

Tapestry comes with 3 different layouts, custom coded widgets, a complete theme documentation guide for installation, theme admin option panel and more.

Tumblog WordPress Theme

Fast Blog

Fast Blog is a WordPress theme with some extra tumblr-like features. It’s perfect for easy blogging and thanks to the WooTumblog plugin (included) you can add posts quickly even from a mobile phone. There are 6 types of posts:

  • article
  • image
  • link
  • audio
  • video
  • qoute

or you can create regular WordPress posts and pages too because Fast Blog can also work as a regular website. And there is no need to install WooTumblog plugin, theme works without it with no problem at all.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Shelf is a unique tumblelog style WordPress theme featuring a fluid and responsive design with an original horizontal look. With its use of media queries your site shall look great on the iPad, iPhone, and other modern mobile devices (you can even swipe to browse the content).

Shelf is a great theme for publishing all different kinds of post formats; be it post articles, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, Shelf has you covered and will display your content in the best way possible.

Tumblog WordPress Theme

Notes of Life

Daily Notes is a premium WordPress theme created to be a simple and elegant medium through which you could share your daily life. It’s a great Tubmblog WordPress theme with a very unique and modern design that is sure to make your site stand out.

And even with such an awesome design, the DailyNotes theme is also a very minimal theme which has been trimmed down to the bare essentials.

Another great option of the Daily Notes theme is that it comes with many useful shortcodes and page templates that will allow you to set up some cool pages on your site. One of the page templates includes a gallery page which is perfect for those whom want to showcase photography on their site or set up an online portfolio.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Elemin has great sense of typography, good white space balance, and minimal graphics. It is a piece of art crafted with modern technology — Google font, CSS3, Javascript and HTML5.

WordPress post formats was incorporated which allows you to write about various post types such as photo, gallery, video, quote, etc. (very much like Tumblr). The design is completely fluid and responive. This means the layout automatically adapts based on the user’s viewport.

The layout never breaks no matter of what screen resolution it is being viewed on. It works on all desktop and most mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


tinyBlog is a Premium WordPress theme which uses the Wootumblog plugin to make your WordPress site behave like a Tumblr site.

This WordPress theme gives you the chance to show off your latest work with its special portfolio template page. The template offers three different column layouts to choose from.

And if you don’t like the standard color scheme just use Obox Design’s custom selector and choose the exact color for you!

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Minblr is a minimal Tumblr-like theme for WordPress. The layout design is liquid and responsive. This means the layout flows nicely across any display resolution.

Minblr is promised to delivery your content nicely in all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and most modern mobile devices. It has 3 layout options (default with sidebar, 2-column layout, and fullwidth with no sidebar).

On top of all great features, there are 10 colorful skins. Minblr utilizes the brand new post formats, if your running WordPress 3.1 or greater.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Retreat, tumblog WordPress theme is packed full of easy to use quickpress publishing tools, unique to WooThemes. It also comes with a AJAX-based Twitter widget that updates every few minutes, and can track keywords mentioned on Twitter.

The theme includes some jQuery wizardry all round and it makes scrolling & navigating so much fun. Also supported is specific hotkeys which allows you to navigate & scroll using your keyboard!

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Grido is a new Tumblr-like theme to join the responsive theme family. It is colorful, trendy, and stylish. The theme comes with 9 gradient backgrounds for you to style the post individually.

You can choose a color scheme to reflect the mood of the post or select a different color for each post to make your blog look like a wall of sticky notes. The posts are automatically stacked on top of each other.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Peak is a clean and powerful portfolio WordPress theme with a brilliant Tumblog. Whether your a photographer, an artist, a web designer or a really creative person, Peak is great way to showoff your work.

Peak has built-in support for WordPress post formats. Easily create a tumblog featuring images, videos, quotes, galleries, audio and more. Of course using the post formats is optional and you can opt for a standard blog.

Peak includes 12 different portfolio templates for your portfolio categories. You should have no problem finding a template to display your work. You choose the templates for each category and each individual post.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Make your WordPress installation look and feel like a Tumblr blog with Wumblr, a Tumblog WordPress Theme from Themify. 9 different post formats including 15 different color presets that help customize the look of each post. Along with 3 different column layouts for your pages this is definitely one of the best theme from Themify yet!

Tumblog WordPress Theme

Collage Studio

Collage Studio is a minimalist, creative, tumblog-esque WordPress theme for artists, designers, creative portfolios, and avid bloggers.

Collage Studio uses Isotope jQuery filtering, pagination options including Infinite Scroll, 6 custom (clean, minimal, colorful) skins, multiple unique templates, including 3 different portfolio custom post types, a separate featured image template, along with a simple blog and introduction template.

Tumblog WordPress Theme

Rough Print

Rough Print is bursting with character and is perfect for those not looking for a mainstream design. This theme utilizes the WordPress post formats feature in a tumblog style way.

All of these formats work right “out of the box” with no need to touch any code. It’s even easy to edit the icons with the included PSD and separate icons folder.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Unite, tumblog WordPress theme that is the perfect personal blog, or microblogging theme, for unifying all the conversation & interaction on your blog. Featuring a fancy pants & unique commenting system, Unite aims to increase reader interaction and make your blog more fun & more valuable.

Unite includes a fancy AJAX commenting module to improve the interaction on your blog. Get your readers interacting with both you and other readers to unify one, massive conversation.

Tumblog WordPress Theme

Tumble Ten

Tumble Ten is a modified version of the default Twenty Ten theme with a more Tumblresque style created for use with the new Woo tumblog plugin. This can also be used without the plugin if you just want the look for your own blog.

The Woo tumblog plugin allows you to do Tumblr style posting as well as using the normal WordPress post styles making it easy to quickly add links, quotes, pictures, and videos from the WordPress dashboard or the familiar WordPress interface.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


This is a clean, modern, powerful WordPress tumblog-style theme designed for a wide variety of uses from bloggers to design portfolios. The responsive web design adapts from large to mobile screens, just resize the browser window to test it out, no additional setup required!

The theme also includes a handy custom bio widget to quickly tell your visitors about yourself with photo, link, bio and social media links.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Casual is a free WordPress tumblog theme from Obox Design with infinite color options and a friendly, personal layout. You can submit posts via the Express iPhone App.

Express App is an iPhone app built to quickly and effortlessly publish images/links/notes and short posts, on the go, to your Obox powered WordPress website.

Tumblog WordPress Theme


Designed by Tyler Galpin, and boasting all-new tumblog functionality with a quick publishing form on the dashboard Crisp is perfect for lazy bloggers who want a professional, slick looking site with Tumblr-like ease-of-use.

Posting a variety of multimedia elements (images, video, audio, quotes, notes & links) is super-easy to do and the theme handles all of the different “post types” auto-magically.

So which one prefer – having your own Tumblr blog or get your own WordPress blog with tumblog WordPress theme? For me, I will definitely go for the latter.

What about you?


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