Thursday , 30 July 2015
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Showcase of Online Store Designs and Concepts

Times when online store designs looks ridiculously bad and unattractive are over. It is because almost everybody want to jump into the online market and that leads the competition to be more competitive as compared to before.

Now, more and more great looking online stores with great concepts have been set up with four common goals – to attract more customers to the online store, retain them in the online store as long as possible, increase the possibilities of them to make a purchase and encourage them to come back in the future.

But which are the best among the rest?

Below are the 17 online stores that we believe have great designs, interesting ideas and concepts which you can use as the guidance to set up your very own online store.


Feel The Power

Nerve Music Store

Shoe Guru

Cosmic Soda

Loworks Store

Yellow Wood



Mozilla Store

Taste Book

Blooming Gorgeous Flower

General Robots


Feel Unique

Northern Tool

Apple Store


Do you know any other online stores that have great design and concept that worth to be known by others? What about you share it with us in Kissing Crust? We are sure that everybody are eager to know about it!

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    I usually shop online. Online shopping is the most convenient way of shopping nowadays. Just a few clicks away from a desired product and its yours. Thanks for suggesting sites! Now I have more options for online shopping. Take care!

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    I guess the look of site is also one factor customers to stay and buy from your online store. I like one that is simple and not too crowded so that I can see what I’m looking for in their store!

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