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Class of 2011: If Social Medias Were A High School

Bloggers who have not made full use social medias out there are will at lost. For me, the qualities of traffics they bring into our WordPress blogs are always better if I compared to the other sources of traffics.


These are the places where we built our loyal readers and followers of our WordPress blogs. They are the one they will push our articles to go viral.

But what if the social medias were a high school? What type of person would they be?

Source: Flowtown

300 x 250 #1 300 x 250 #1


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    LOL! That’s pretty clever. Regarding Myspace it’s amazing how quickly they fell out of fashion.

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    I dunno. Funny, yes, but I think Facebook would be ‘Most Popular.’ In college it would be Frat Boy.

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    :) Most of these are spot on! (and some I’ve never heard of.)

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    haha.. I like the formspring…busybody~ ;)

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