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35 Excellent Video WordPress Theme Videographers Should Try

As a videographer, I know you want the best video WordPress themes for your WordPress blog. I know that you need a video WordPress theme that can help you to make your videos become the centre of attention of your blog followers and allows you to have any video format from any video service or your own video files in your WordPress blog.

So in this post I compiled 35 of the best quality video WordPress themes out there. They are all simple to use and comes with hundreds of excellent features for your Video WordPress blog.

Some of the themes are not designed to be a video WordPress theme but with the video integration feature, you can easily use it for sharing videos.

Hope you will find what you are looking for and like it. Feel free share in a comment any missing themes you think I should add.

Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Gigawatt is a video WordPress theme with vintage looking by Obox Design. Obox Design brings you Gigawatt with idea of help you to make your videos become the centre of attention of your blog followers. This WordPress theme is also allows you to give your HD videos the space and attention they deserve with a massive 940px wide view port.

Gigawatt is also packed with three great color schemes including two light versions and a dark one, all with an awesome subtle grunge texture designed.

Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Selecta’s rounded edges with bold and modern color palettes make for a fresh video WordPress theme that’s best suited to blogs where video will be the main focus. The wider-than-usual frames around thumbnails and videos bring to mind the retro-cool of Polaroid photographs and old home movies.

You’ll love it and it is free!

Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Video WordPress Theme for Videographer

Motion Picture

Motion Picture is a professional video WordPress theme from Obox Design.   The theme features a widgetized homepage to show unlimited videos in category format, 2 color schemes (light and dark) and many more. The best feature for me is you can give your HD videos the space and attention they deserve with a massive 940px wide view port.

Plus, if you want to use this as a normal blog with images instead of videos, it is 100% possible. We have made sure to include our standard image uploader with auto-resizing and filters.

Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Premiere is a powerful video-based WordPress theme by Woothemes that is custom post driven, separating your video posts from your blog content.

With a custom single video page template with great social sharing links, the option for your site visitors to recommend videos and a featured home page slider this theme helps videographers, and movie fans alike – with great custom-ability

It offers you a neatly designed single video page template that has social links allowing you to share your video on Facebook, Twitter or even email a link to the post. Related videos show below the video content.

Video WordPress Theme for Videographer

Black Label

Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Even though WooTube was designed by WooThemes to show videos, this video WordPress theme alsi can be used for multiple purposes like a photo gallery, CSS gallery, portfolio and even personal blog.

The options allow you to disable the latest post to get that gallery look, and you don’t even need to add videos to your posts, so they will just be plain simple posts.

With WooTube, your videos are resized automatically and WooTube even publishes the embed code for your readers.

Best Video WordPress Theme for Videographer

WP Color Video

Video WordPress Theme For Videographer


The Veddio WordPress theme was created for both the average joe video blogger to the most sophisticated vlogger out there. It features a nice look and the homepage layout allow you to really catch your visitors when they first land on your site.

From a custom rating system to custom widgets this WordPress theme will get you where you need to go. One nice thing about each post image you see on the homepage is that they automatically re-size to fit what you see.

In other words, if you don’t want to spend time re-sizing photos you’re all set to just get your blog on!

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer


Crema is a video ready, multifunctional and rich features video WordPress theme. The widgetized main page let you populate the frontpage however you like.

Crema has an incredible video content slider let’s you present your videos with style. Create everything in the backend – no coding required, simply put the link to the video in the appropriate field

Best Video WordPress Theme for Videographer

Fiat Lux

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer


eVid is a WordPress theme designed for video bloggers. It was developed in a way that it allows you to easily integrate videos from video hosts such as Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, MetaCafe, and so on.

With eVid, your videos will be embedded into a unique javascript-power interface. This video interface adds various blogger-friendly features to your videos including easy social bookmarking, video rating, sharing, linking, backlighting and more.

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer


Videozoom is an elegant video WordPress theme with a neat featured slider, which is ready to play any videos you want to embed into your posts.

Videozoom theme is developed by WP Zoom to offer you the speediest way to submit your own video clips or movies you like on your own website in seconds.

Best Video WordPress Theme for Videographer

Studio Zen

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer


onPlay is an advanced magazine theme for WordPress, with a lot of unique features and flexible layout. Everything is easy customizable and you can add as many featured categories on homepage as you want.

onPlay offers you the flexibility to change your layout with the use of the multiple widgetized areas and featured categories to add. It also has unlimited tabbed and featured categories, giving you the freedom to create as much featured sections on your homepage as you want.

Best Video WordPress Theme for Videographer

WP Show

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer


Video is video WordPress theme developed by Templatic. The homepage of this WordPress theme is completely customizable via custom dynamic widgets specifically built for this theme.

With Video, you can reate unlimited video categories, show popular videos, rate videos and share them on social network. This WordPress theme is just perfect for Video Blogging.

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer

On Demand

Inspired by, On Demand WordPress theme is perfect for virtually any video-centric website. With the On Demand theme, you can use any embeddable video format from any video service or if you want to host your own video files, you can do that as well.

The Simple Video Embedder (included) makes it easier than ever to embed videos within posts. Simply paste the URL to your video, add width and height values and publish.

On Demand also includes several custom widgets for featured content, advertisements and more.

Best Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Garnish is a clean-cut, straight to the point, simple to use portfolio WordPress theme. The uncluttered, one-page, ajax-powered portfolio is perfect for placing your most important work directly in front of your potential clients.

If you have ever used a “coming soon” page in place of your portfolio on account of being too busy, Garnish is for you. It’s simple, convenient and to the point. If you’re the modifying type, it’s a pretty decent blank canvas too!

Support for post formats means you can jazz up your blog with your own self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries, asides, links, quotes and of course good old standard posts.

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer


Debut premium WordPress theme’s built-in options page allows you to control your entire site from uploading your own logo to creating custom post pages on the fly.

You can easily insert videos and other multimedia options into Debut premium WordPress theme with its custom Media Embed feature, which automatically embeds your media and resizes to fit the website’s layout depending up its location.

It’s all in your hands now, so try it out and start creating your own unique site with Debut WordPress theme! There is a live demo link at the end of the post — check it!

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer


The Vidley theme is a flexible video centric WordPress theme which is perfect for video blogs, portfolios, news sites, promotional sites or pretty much anything else.Vidley combines many aspects from my other popular video-centric themes to bring you all the features you are looking for in a one great WordPress theme.

Vidley also includes advanced style customization options that allow you to customize the background and content colors of the theme right through the theme options page.

Best Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Flipbook is a premium wordpress theme perfect for anyone who wants to showcase their portfolio, run a blog, build a image gallery a little different. It comes with 2 skins (dark & light) and 5 custom cufon fonts.

You can apply custom fullscreen backgrounds to any post, page, portfolio item like slideshows, vimeo video and html5 video for maximum compatibility. Also 9 widgets and 20 shortcodes are included (no code knowledge needed).

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer


The Folio Elements WordPress theme is a simplistic portfolio theme for WordPress which eliminates all the clutter and puts your content forward. There are no single post pages, comments, widgets or static pages when using Folio Elements which is absolutely the best part of this theme.

If elegance and simplicity are not what you are looking for, Folio Elements is definitely not for you.

When you activate the Folio Elements WordPress theme, you will notice that quite a bit of the clutter within your WordPress admin disappears (this is very much intentional). For instance… Pages, Comments, Widgets, the Rich Text Editor, etc. are not used for this theme.

The only thing you need to worry about are posts and the theme options page.

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer

Video Elements

Video Elements from Press 74 featurs a slick gallery-style layout, a unique featured content carousel, and “Instant View” for videos. Tthe Video Elements WordPress theme is definitely perfect for any video-centric site.

And of course, just like any of Press75 video WordPress themes, you can use Any embeddable video format with the Video Elements theme. You can even use self hosted videos if you like (e.g. Flash, QuickTime).

Also, the Simple Video Embedder plugin (included) makes it really easy to add and publish videos of any kind.

Video WordPress Theme for Videographers


Invictus is a fullsize image and video WordPress-theme for photographer or creatives. You can use Invictus just the way you like.

The possibilities are endless! Its optimal for photographers, digital artists, designer or even private persons, who want to present their images and videos in a unique Way.

With the impressive and powerfull custom fullsize gallery with image and video support on your homepage your work looks amazing!

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer

TV Elements

If video is your game, TV Elements is the WordPress theme for you. TV Elements takes your videos and puts them front and center within a large featured video carousel on the home page.

Directly below the featured content carousel, you can insert up to 12 featured categories of your choice represented by thumbnails.Click any featured category and you are brought to a unique category page.

TV Elements also includes a widgetized 3 column footer where you can place any widget you like including several custom widgets made especially for the TV Elements theme.

Video WordPress Themes for Videographer


Showfolio is a perfect choice for entire range of gallery, portfolio & video niche websites. Showfolio WordPress theme comes with custom media module implemented, allowing you to display whether your own hosted MP4/FLV or Youtube/DailyMotion/Vimeo streamed videos instead of post thumbnail.

With Showfolio, you can define which category or categories to be displayed in the media gallery mode using our nicely designed media gallery template through the theme control panel.

Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Video WordPress Themes for Videographer

Live Theme

Live Theme is a  premium WordPress theme for streaming video and live events. It was architected so that the style easily adapts to well-designed backgrounds. The tabbed areas use neutral tones and the translucent borders maintain visual continuity by inheriting colors from background graphics.

Plus, this WordPress theme comes with 4 native styles (Default, Wood, Grey, and Concert) as well as a ten-pack of designs made especially for Live Theme.

Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Video WordPress Themes for Videographer


The Bold WordPress theme features a bold, minimal design with a large featured slider perfect for showcasing video. The theme is an ideal candidate for next generation businesses, videographers, animators and video bloggers.

The Bold WordPress theme features a modern, bold design that does not overwhelm viewers with an excessive amount of content. The theme is video friendly — perfect for vlog’s, video portfolio’s and animation reels.

The home page layout is versatile, with several display options. The colors and background can easily be customized to suit your brand.

Video WordPress Theme for Videographer


Synch is a video WordPress theme with HTML5 support. With Synch, you don’t search for embed codes – just add a link to video and Synch will do all the rest.

This WordPress theme goes with two additional ready-to-use styles for your choice. It is possible to use the template both as a video website or an ordinary blog. It is also important to notice that there are two types of post views, which means that user settings became more flexible and modest.

These video WordPress themes will not cost you a fortune, but they do give you the chance to get a head-start over other videographers who only focus on putting their videos on YouTube without having a real long-term strategy.

If you are just getting started with your video blog, I am strongly recommending you to register your own domain, have a good web hosting and put up a WordPress blog that your fans can refer to for more awesome videos.

p/s I love Garnish. It looks clean and simple. What about you? What’s your favourite video WordPress theme?

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