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4 Cool Premium Audio WordPress Plugins For You To Add Songs to WordPress Site

If you are a musician, you need to know one little fact; there’s a lot more to WordPress than just blogging platform. Do you that you can use WordPress to showcase your latest songs for you followers?

However, if you are still new to the world of WordPress, you’ll definitely get frustrated when you upload your song into your WordPress site. It is because instead of audio player, only link to your song that will appear in your WordPress site.

So, how can you put audio player with your latest song right into your WordPress site?

Check out below of 4 cool premium audio WordPress plugins for you to add songs to your WordPress site. These are among the best premium plugins you can get from the net. Click on the demo’s links to get feel of each WordPress plugin and see how it will fit with your needs and WordPress site.


Audio WordPress Plugins For You To Add Songs to WordPress Site

Fullwidth Audio Player

This audio WordPress plugin allows to add a audio player at the top or bottom of the window. The audio player runs with the new HTML5 audio engine and if its not supported, it will use a Flash fallback. In other words it runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

You have also the possibility to add your playlists and tracks into a post or page. This very helpful when you would like to create a music page, where the visitors can view all tracks and add them to the player by themself.

You can add the player to all pages of your WordPress site or using shortcodes to make it visible for particular pages.

Click here for more detailsDemo

Audio WordPress Plugins For You To Add Songs to WordPress Site

WordPress Media

WordPress Media is an audio WordPress plugin that allows the addition of an HTML 5 audio and video player to your theme. The player is an instance of the popular and stable jPlayer by Happyworm and can be inserted into posts via a shortcode, sidebar areas via a widget, or anywhere in your theme via a template tag. Multiple instances of the player on one page is supported.

If the visitor’s browser does not support HTML 5 audio and video, the player falls back on flash, so the browser compatibility is strong.

This audio WordPress plugin provides a system for uploading your own media files, but remember that the default upload file size limit on WordPress installations is 3mb, so using FTP to upload your files may be necessary.

The PSD source file for the controls images is included, so you can alter the color scheme of the buttons and by installing your own controls image in the plugin, your new design becomes available in the settings panel. No coding needed.

Click here for more details | Demo

Audio WordPress Plugins For You To Add Songs to WordPress Site

Uber Audio WordPress Plugin

The Über Audio WordPress plugin is designed to provide the ultimate listening experience from your sidebar. Über audio allows you to put together a custom playlist quickly and easily. You can create and store multiple playlists in the admin options of Über audio and then select one playlist to display at a time.

There’s no limit to the number of tracks you can add to your playlist. The design of Uber Audio gives the user the ability to show or collapse the playlist for a simple viewing experience.

Über audio has been tested and is compatible with all major browsers.  We’ve also tested mobile devices like iOS and Android. For the best cross-browser compatibility it’s recommended using .mp3 files.  Uber audio will play mp3′s, .ogg’s and .wav’s file but the consistency across browsers isn’t as good with files other than .mp3′s.

Über Audio has two different color schemes to choose from; a dark version and a light version. You also have the ability to adjust the primary and secondary colors.

Click here for more details | Demo

Audio WordPress Plugins For You To Add Songs to WordPress Site

Ultimate DJ Manager

Ultimate DJ Manager is a must-have audio WordPress plugin for DJs and producers. The plugin comes with 3 outstanding Applications: Soundcloud player, MP3 -player in Flash with HTML5 fallback and a Gigs Scheduler.

For each application, the features that you will enjoy are:

Soundcloud Player

  • Supports your favorites tracks, users tracks, groups, track sets or even build your own playlist.
  • 2 different skins (Standard, Cover grid) and each with 4 different color schemes(Black, Blue, Green, Orange)
  • Runs on all iToys
  • AutoPlay option
  • Randomize playing

MP3 -Player

  • Multiple playlists
  • 3 different color themes
  • Includes a Flash version and a HTML5 version
  • Highy customizable via the administration
  • Connect each track to a download site or shop
  • Runs on all iToys(iPhone, iPad etc.)


  • Create a list of your next gigs
  • Each gig can have an own flyer/image
  • Link each gig to the event website

Click here for more details | Demo


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